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International Private Leased Circuit

In today’s fast-paced digital world, As our customers' businesses become more international, the need for timely communications with their overseas operations is increasing. Corporate communications networks that can communicate information efficiently and reliably have become an essential part of management strategy, SDI International Private Leased Circuit (SDI-LC) is the answer.

SDI-LC is a point-to-point dedicated leased line between global offices creates a robust information superhighway that ensuring offices located in different countries stay connected. Making it ideal for organizations that have high traffic volume between overseas sites.

Dedicated point-to-point bandwidth solution that can carry voice, data, Internet or video traffic to any place in the world. It enables an organization to communicate with its customers, offices, partners and PoPs with the maximum security and the minimum delays. IPLC users can securely transmit and receive large volumes of data at high data rates with no traffic congestion due to dedicated circuits.

With a wide range of circuit speeds and features backed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs), our IPLC solution offers your business the flexibility, quality, scalability to support overseas operations and serve your customers around the world. Further- more, our IPLC service is proactively monitored and managed by 24/7 dual Network Operation Centers (NOCs) located in both Jakarta-Indonesia and Singapore.